Bathroom décor faux pass – avoid the mistakes that hurt your bathroom aesthetics!

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Only some homeowners want to give more time and attention to decorating their bathroom spaces. But the ones who do must do a good job, or else the entire purpose gets defeated. Bathroom décor is categorically different compared to the primary room décor. Since there will be moisture in the room owing to the use of water, you must get the décor elements correct so that there is no damage to it and the overall look is well maintained. Before getting started, you must assess the entire bathroom floor plan and the space, as that will help you to decide the décor elements that will work in your favor and add more beauty to your bathroom décor.


But at times, most homeowners rush toward the bathroom décor, and that is when they have a chance to make several mistakes. This article will focus on some mistakes you should avoid when you are all set to enhance your bathroom décor. Pay attention to it!


  • Getting the bathroom color right

It is more of a judgment call that you need to have here. People often get engrossed in their bathroom décor, so they don’t keep the home décor in selecting the bathroom paint color. For instance, if the primary color of your home is white with a blue undertone and you decide on a pale-yellow color for the bathroom, you will have a mismatch in the color scheme. On the other hand, if you choose to opt for shades like pale blue or mauve, you will keep to the color tone and can add on the décor elements based on the color. Additionally, it’s always best to choose a matte finish, as that gives your bathroom a classy look.


  • Think carefully about the bathroom sink

Most often than not, homeowners need to select a bathroom sink that stylish and is functional at the same time. The sink is an essential part of the bathroom and can decide the entire room’s aesthetics. And this is the reason you need to make a wise selection. One of the best ways to select a sink is to assess the area that you have in your bathroom and choose a sink that compliments it. Keep the sink from occupying too much space; else, it can look extremely odd. You can always contact service providers specializing in a sink to match your bathroom and available within your budget.


  • Avoid going dark 

Sometimes, homeowners make the mistake of going extremely dark with their bathroom décor. You must avoid that mistake because it will make the bathroom space look incredibly dinky and small. Usually, bathrooms are tiny rooms, and there isn’t ample light. As a result, when you choose a dark décor design template, it can make you feel highly claustrophobic and small. You need to decorate the bathroom with vibrant shades and add windows where natural light can come in.


  • Get rid of any theme that is over the top

When you have a décor theme for your bathroom space, it can either be fun or can prove to be completely counter-productive. When you decide to go ahead with any music you like, ensure that it is subtle. You can incorporate small additions, which reflect all the themes. There is no need for you to overhaul the design for choosing a themed bathroom décor. Browse the articles, select the ones you like, and discuss with an expert interior decorator to ensure that you aren’t making any faux passes.


  • Manage the clutter

The bathroom is a small space where clutter can accumulate fast. It would help if you kept the bathroom clean and clear. To your surprise, it will make a huge difference. On the surface, you will find it easy to toss any extra shampoo bottle over the counter and leave the toothpaste out. However, things can add up very fast, and the counter space might be gone even before you realize it. You must keep the clutter to a minimum by resorting to intelligent storage. It will ensure that your bathroom is clean and sleek.


  • The carpeted toilet lid covers

If you are thinking about this addition, you have to think twice! These toilet lid covers aren’t just outdated and can act as giant germ catchers. When there is anything on the toilet lid, there is a chance that it will gather great germs. And just in case there is something such as the carpet, which absorbs excess moisture in the toilet seat, it will soon become the breeding ground for great germs. Also, it is a trend that is no more in vogue, and you wouldn’t want to opt in for something like that.


  • A low-mounted shower rod

The practice of mounting the shower rod low, revealing the showerhead and various parts of the shower, proved trendy sometime back. And it is true for most occasions that homeowners today would want complete coverage as they shower. The majority of bathrooms today possess a shower door rather than a curtain. However, if there is still a curtain that you are working on, you need to be sure that the rod gets mounted in the correct place. Any awkward mounting can make it challenging for the décor.


  • Fake flowers

Many people get attracted to the idea of placing flowers in the bathroom. While natural flowers can add beauty to the room with their vibrant colors and fragrance, fake flowers are not a good investment. It can appear highly unrealistic, making your entire bathroom look very plastic and unreal. That aside, the fake flowers can also acquire germs, making them tough to tackle. And if you don’t keep it well, chances are that it will give out a pungent smell.


These are some of the most critical mistakes you must avoid when decorating your bathroom. That way, you can ensure that your bathroom appears classy and sober.


What are you waiting for? Get in touch with the reliable professionals to decorate your bathroom that reflects your sense of style and personality.

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