Adding Ecommerce to a Website: Easiest Roadway to Ecommerce

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Do you own a website? Do you know you can add eCommerce features to it and sell your products/services online? Now, the question is: how to add ecommerce to a website?

Online site builders tools enable you to convert your website/blog into a fully-functional eCommerce store. Also known as an e-commerce enabler, the site builder makes it easy for you to utilize or increase your online presence. It brings you a variety of options to embed ecommerce into websites. 


You can sell on existing websites, blog posts, hosted storefronts, news articles, and social media. it is for everyone – including developers, agencies, freelancers, business owners, and sellers as it offers technical and non-technical solutions.

Adding ecommerce to your website means linking products to your website or blogger page. 

It might seem like an arduous task to add an online shop to your website. To keep you up to the task for you there are 3 easy ways you can use according to your needs and technical knowledge.

  1. ‘Buy’ button addition: you can add a  button to your blogger page linked to your shop. Making it easily accessible.
  2. Website E-commerce: you can also integrate the store into your blog page and custom design your page through these online services.
  3. Linking eshop to blog page: adding a navigation button can also be a lucrative option, simply a shop link on your home page.

The needs and design choices vary for everyone. There are options for already-made templates and customization. You can make it according to your blog niche and the kind of products.

No need to worry about changing your website’s code as these enablers provide ‘no-code‘ options. All you have to do is find options suitable to you on the e-commerce enabler dashboard.

Product variation is also a major part of setting up your website. It is easily possible to include multiple product types with ease. Not just products but also services.

Adding these links to your blog becomes a great income source and makes it easy for your customers to gain access again and again. You can accept payments through multiple sources.

In three easy steps, you can set up your new income source.

  1. Listing: You can easily add your products and include multiple payment getaways. It is always a good idea to give multiple options to your clients.
  2. Embed code: These enablers have intuitive code generators for creating your custom code. This code can be copied to your website HTML, content page, and even theme files.
  3. Accept orders: It is now possible for you to accept orders and complete payments. Your customers can easily switch between websites.

A single place to manage all your needs, including products, orders, payments, customers, taxes, and shipping. 

The process is detail oriented, fast-paced, and delivers amazing results without the need for knowledge of code. Your data remains secure, updated, and maintained by the e-commerce enabler you choose.Also, to ensure a safe transition, you can opt for a free trial period of your shop and understand the working before investing in it. 


Including your store in your already existing website is now easy; as simple as copying and pasting.

You can kick-start your shop and accept payments with just a few clicks thanks to site builder tools that turn your website into an online store by giving you a few lines of codes, which can be added to your existing site. It is secure, time-saving, and a piece of cake for you and your customers. Customize your shop and go full out with your product types.


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