7 Mental Health Problems In Men Their Causes and Symptoms

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Mental Health Problems are spreading faster than you think; almost every man and woman over the age of 30 has some mental issues in their life. These issues cause many day-to-day life problems like change in the sleep cycle, less socialization, specifically in men, Erectile dysfunction, Stress, and Headache. So let’s find out the different Mental health problems, Ways to identify them, and the Treatment involved.

Symptoms of Mental Illness –

There are several symptoms related to mental illness that you can identify before going for treatment. If you find these symptoms in you, please take early steps to treat your mental health problems.

  • Difficulty in focusing on work and life
  • Mood swing and
  • Overeating or less eating
  • Increase in Alcohol or drug consumption
  • Lack of sleep or unable to sleep well
  • The constant thought of despair and suicide
  • Less social activity and avoiding people
  • Erectile dysfunction and Less libido or total lack of interest in the opposite sex

7 Mental Health Problems

Here are six causes of mental illness in men that commonly occur and causes Mental health problems.

1. Early Age Trauma

One of the leading causes of mental health problems is trauma, Any early age trauma that affects the mind of a young boy or girl. It has a drastic effect on the minds of young ones. They suffer its consequences their whole life suffering from social fear and phobia. These traumas may be caused by accident, emotional torture, or social embracements.


PTSD is a common mental health problem that mainly occurs in retired soldiers and people who have seen violence. They suffer every day because their bad memories haunt them at night. Apart from it, many people who have suffered violence, assault in their life have more chances of getting PTSD than normal humans.

3. Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is a common name for your anxiety to perform whether on a public stage, among strange people, or in bed with your partner. The leading cause of performance anxiety is “what everyone else is going to think of you. ?” Sometimes, when people suffer from trauma while performing for the first time, their reactions enter their minds. You get obnoxious about what will happen next time. In the case of sexual performance anxiety, the same phenomenon works and makes you unable to hard fully and causes premature ejaculation.


4. Schizophrenia

Many people suffer a unique mental health issue in which they lose the thread of reality and constantly think of imaginary situations and people. Most of the patients who have Schizophrenia are above the age of 30 and Men. Constant hallucination is one of the significant signs of Schizophrenia. It majorly happens with people with intensive drug abuse.

5. Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder is the biggest problem in society nowadays. Everyone is suffering from some anxiety. Some have social anxiety, and few have anxiety about work and the future. Many reasons cause stress, but its effects show up in your everyday life. Like sweating excessively, Short of breath, Excessive headache, and prominent causes of premature ejaculation.

6. Depression

One of the mental health problems many men suffer is depression. Depression may cause due failure in life, love. This depression results in a lack of attention, mood swings, and even suicide. One good way to avoid it is socialization. Speak with your friends about yours. Issue and find a solution. You are not going to get away with it just by hiding in your bedroom.

7. Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a more significant reason in men. Many men take substances that lead them towards mental health issues. These illegal substances cause a lack of sleep, mood swings. It’s best to get rid of these substance uses to get a better healthy life.

Treatment –

There are few proven methods to cure mental health problems, but it depends on how religiously following your treatment improvement will show positive results.


Medication is the best and fastest way to treat mental health issues, but completing the course of medicine and taking the right advice from the doctor is also necessary. Would you mind keeping yourself away from the unauthorized medication?


Seeking professional help with mental health problems is an excellent thought. They can help you identify the cause and of the problem and help you get through it with the help of numerous therapy sessions.

Lifestyle change

Lifestyle plays a significant role in mental health, and changing it may help you have a healthy life. This change in life may include a Healthy diet, going to bed early, doing exercises, and socializing with people, not with technology. Try meditation to keep your soul calm and prepare your mind for all other daily activities and keep yourself from any kind of substance abuse.


One thing is sure, no matter which medication you get or therapy you get, everything is pointless if your family and loved one is not near you to support you. The support you receive from those you care about is essential to your emotional and moral support.

Bottom Line

I hope you find this article helpful and get some critical knowledge about mental health problems. The above mental health problems list shows a few prominent issues present in modern-day society and their Appropriate solutions.

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