6 Stock Trading Books Every Beginner Should Read

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If you’re new to the stock market, the whole process can be overwhelming. The problem is that many traders fail because they learn through trial and error without doing proper research first. There are so many resources available today that it would be a shame not to use them. 


There is no better way to learn about stock trading than by reading a few books. Here are some books that we believe will be very helpful in your quest to become a stock trader. 

By William O’Neill How To Make Money In Stocks  


Many beginners prefer to use a simple forex broker to get started. This book has proven to be a basic guide. This 7-step book is your guide to maximising rewards and minimising risks to create wealth in easy steps. Here are some strategies and tips  you can use to invest in mutual funds, stocks, and his ETFs. It also helps you approach and avoid the most common mistakes  investors make. 


When to Sell: An Internal Strategy for Stock Market Profits  Justin Mamis 


Perhaps the biggest challenge as a stock trader is knowing when to sell  stocks. Some  sell too quickly and lose potential profits. Others are holding inventory for too long, resulting in losses that should not have occurred. 


This book tells you when to buy and sell stocks by looking at the stock market indicators. 


Investing in Stocks for Everyone By Paul Mlajenovic 


Feeling lost in a world full of fast-moving investors? Read all the articles and books about stock trading and still don’t understand. Then this book might be  the one for you. The rules of fundraising and ETFs are explained efficiently, making it easy to understand even for  complete beginners. 


The Magician of the Market: Interviews with Top His Traders by Jack D. 



Jack D. Schwager is very famous in the trading world and traders of  all types rely on his books. In this volume, he interviewed various trading experts to learn and share tips and secrets for success in the stock market. Schwager does not interfere with dealer advice, so readers can get information directly from the source. 


Mutual Fund Familiarity by John C. Bogle


John C. Bogle is a highly respected figure in the world of Mutual funds, and his name hardly needs introduction. This book talks about the stock market and what affects it, and provides easy-to-understand information about mutual funds. This gives new investors a better overview of their investments. 


One Up On Wall Street: How  To Make Money In The Market Using What You Know By Peter Lynch 


If your goal is not to be the next Warren Buffett, it is to be a successful stock trader. Then this book will teach you how to invest. money. The authors of this volume believe that all humans have an innate ability to invest that can be put to good use. The perfect book to sharpen your skills. 




Investing today is easier than ever, even if you are a beginner. I hope these books will help you with that. So try them out and see which one “speaks” to you.


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