6 Exotic Meat Subscription Boxes to Try Out This Year

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Does exotic meat make your mouth water in delight? Nothing beats having meat delivered to your door if that is the case. Whether you are seeking humanely raised meat, jerky snacks, premium cuts, or meat from sustainable farms, the best meat subscription boxes offer the types and variety of meat you want. You will have options such as pasture-raised and grass-fed meats with full transparency of where these meats come from. Other subscription boxes focus on artisan producers applying traditional techniques to cure premium meats packed in custom luxury boxes.  

There are numerous meat subscription boxes, which can make it overwhelming to choose. Some boxes select the meat for you, while others are customisation. There are boxes for small families and others containing more than 20 pounds of meat for big families. Also, the products from different boxes arrive differently from one company to the other.  

With all these options, there is certainly a meat subscription box to suit your needs. This article expounds on the six best meat subscription boxes you can try this year. 

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1. Carnivore Club 

 The best overall exotic meat subscription box is Carnivore Club. It is one of a kind box and the first to deliver premium cured meat. They feature a new artisan every month, each combining craftsmanship and passion, creating the finest cured meats you have seen. Each artisan is different, and every box is unique. From French Charcuterie to South African Biltong to Italian Salumi, you will experience taste and flavor that will rock your world.  

It is easy to subscribe to Carnivore Club. Log in or register as a new user, indicate how often you want to get the box, and you will start receiving your boxes. There are different club options you can choose from.  

The first option is the Jerky Club, which starts from $19.99 and offers 100% jerky. Second, the Snack Box starts at $34.99 and comes jam-packed with cured meat snacks. Third, you can settle for the Classic Box that starts at $49.99 and get 4-6 premium cured meats and exclusive access to prosciuttos, salamis, bacon, and more.  

You can also choose the Complete Box, which starts from $49.99 and comes with all you require for an excellent charcuterie board.

2. Butcher Box 

 Butcher Box was created to fill the void of grass-fed beef, which constitutes 4% of total meat consumption in the USA. The company has utilized the low statistics to focus on grass-fed beef, heritage-breed pork, and organic chicken.  

Customers can order their meat monthly. They offer different plans, and you can build your meat box with customizable choices. If you find monthly boxes too frequent, there are other plans. The good thing is that you can order seafood as well.  



3. Jerk Dynasty 

 Jerk Dynasty is the subscription box for all lovers of jerky. Their options are rich in protein, low in fat, and excellent for paleo, keto, and Whole30 diet plans. There are different subscription options you can choose from. You can select from traditional jerky or unique alligator and ostrich jerky choices.  

4. Greensbury Market 

 If you are looking for organic meat from the best subscription box, Greensbury Market is here for you. They have meats of high quality available in preset and customizable packages. They offer 100% organic meat and seafood through one-time purchases and subscriptions. Their wide array of offerings and products can be overwhelming, but this means you will have something you like. All the products you receive are vacuum-packed and flash-frozen to ensure optimal deliverability.
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5. Mr. Steak 

 Mr. Steak Subscription Box provides quality meat from Midwestern ranches. These premium products are ethically produced, pasture-raised, and shipped through a carbon-neutral process. The company allows you to build your meat box and subscribe to your meat choice. You can also choose from their curated meat subscription boxes, which mainly focus on beef. 

6. Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow is the subscription box you need if you are looking to receive sustainable, raised farm-to-table meats with impeccable flavor each month. The beef from the company is pasture-raised, grass-fed, and free-range organic.  

When you opt for a subscription, you get information about the ranch, animal breed, and how the animal was raised. Moreover, you can receive a custom box filled with your favorite items or settle for one of their subscription boxes. 


Wrapping Up 

Nothing beats receiving fresh, authentic meat products at your doorstep every month if you are a meat lover. Subscription boxes offer a wide selection of meat products of your liking to satisfy your cravings.  

Many subscription boxes offer products that suit your needs. Whether you are looking for exotic meat, pasture-raised meat, or premium cuts, a subscription box is available per your requirements. Hence, you don’t have to worry about buying meat wholesale packed in custom boxes base for your family. You can subscribe to one of the boxes and receive your meat products at whatever duration.

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