5 Plastic Surgeries For Accident Victims

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When you or someone you know gets injured, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible. You may not feel pain immediately after the accident, but later it can start hurting. In that case, instant medical attention is necessary. The doctor will examine your condition and recommend the right treatment approach.

A delay in seeking medical care is not recommended as it can be hazardous to your health and pose a grave danger. You should visit a healthcare provider and seek medical attention for any deformation in the body’s typical structure. This is where plastic surgery comes into the picture. It is performed to reshape the normal structure.

In this article, we will share 5 plastic surgeries for accident victims.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is performed on accident victims to improve their appearance, which may be affected by accidents. It not only helps in enhanced function and appearance but also enhances self-esteem. It is a type of reconstructive surgery to restore normal appearance.

Moreover, accidents can cause disfigurement of the face, hand, or any other body part. Plastic surgeries involve repairing or reconstructing body parts by transferring tissues, mainly in accidents or injuries.

However, many people get plastic surgery done for cosmetic reasons.

5 Plastic Surgeries are

Facial reconstruction surgery  

Millions of disfigurement injuries affect the life of an individual. Facial reconstruction includes facial implants, which augment, rejuvenate and reconstruct the shape of a person post-trauma or accident.

Implants are performed on areas of the face that have been affected during an accident. The most common facial implants include lip, cheek, nose, and jaw implants. In this surgery, the part of the face where it is to be done is focussed on, and the normal appearance is returned.

Nose surgery

In this surgery, any injury to the nose is taken care of, possibly because of a major accident. What happens is that the nose gets disfigured or de-shaped and may cause breathing issues. Also, an injury to the nose can affect a person’s self-esteem and confidence and give a distorted appearance. This surgery is quite common and is known as rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is primarily a bone surgery for the nose that alters the nose’s curve, size, or proportions and solves any issues related to the nasal tip or nostrils.

 Burn wounds surgery

A fire accident can cause burn wounds and leave marks on the body. These marks can be treated surgically by fascial excision, amputation, or tangential excision.

❖ Tangential Excision

All necrotic tissues are removed, and the viable dermis is preserved. This is based on skin grafting, and the best part is that healing happens fast.

❖ Amputation

This is performed for very deep burns and wounds and eliminates the burn. It works best in electrical accidental injuries and wounds during war.

❖ Facial excision

This is an easier and quicker way with minimal blood loss. Life-threatening wounds are treated using this technique.

Disfigurement of face surgery

This is another type of surgery for severe injuries due to crash circumstances. Stitches are required in a few cases where wounds are more profound. This plastic surgery helps in covering deep and intense scars. It requires excellent precision and hence must be performed by an expert.

There are so many psychological effects related to the disfigurement of the face that plastic surgery has become imperative. A small mark on the face can make you feel uncomfortable. Imagine total or partial disfigurement of the face.

Plastic surgery on hand

Hand trauma can be pervasive during accidents and damage the tendon and nerves leading to losing fingers. Plastic surgeries for the hand include microsurgical methods for nerve reconstruction.

Hand trauma can differ depending on how severe the injury is and if there was the loss of a finger. Unlike other plastic surgeries, the one related to the hands helps in restoring the hand and the functions of the finger.

If the skin is missing from the hand, skin grafting is performed, wherein skin from another healthy body part is taken and attached to the affected area.


Plastic surgeries for accidents are the most creative surgical methods ever. The surgeons performing these surgeries are considered experts and use their expertise to close wounds, reconstruct and repair in multiple conditions. There are lakhs of accidents happening every day in the world, and with this comes the need for procedures that do not let people lose their confidence for the rest of their lives.

Even a tiny mark anywhere on the body can cause such image issues, let alone having a mark on the face, nose, or anywhere else. Plastic surgeries, as mentioned above, for accident victims are extremely helpful in dealing with any injury.

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