5 Amazing European Castle Hotels for Your Honeymoon

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You’re getting ready for your big day. You’re only planning on getting married once. Your wedding day has to be perfect, from the dress to the church and the venue. When you’re done celebrating with family and friends, it will be time to celebrate with each other. Imagine how unforgettable a stay in a European castle hotel could be for the honeymoon of a lifetime.


1. Journey to the Green Isle and Ashford Castle

A magical stay awaits you in Ireland at Ashford Castle tucked away in County Galway. For eight hundred years, this stone fortress has been perched on the edge of the water. Enjoy the view as towers rise around you. You can venture out on horseback or cast a line to make a great catch. You can even get in a few rounds of golf or stay in. The hotel boasts a restaurant that will not disappoint. You may never want to leave the haven of your room. If you do decide to explore, the rest of the United Kingdom awaits you.

2.Soak in the Pleasures of Portugal at Obidos Castle


Obidos Castle awaits you with more rooms than you could imagine. Choose the style that suits you best, whether you want your personal balcony, beamed ceilings soaring above your head, or stone walls that will make you feel like you stepped back into the Middle Ages. Immerse yourself in a hotel that has been standing since the 1100’s. Taking a walk through town is a must. You’ll bring back pictures and keepsakes. Most importantly, you’ll make memories.

3. Make Ruthin Castle Your Destination on the Island of Wales


The Welsh will tell you that you will have an experience unique from the rest of the British Isles when you stay in Wales. Ruthin Castle has been gracing the land for 1000 years. It’s a symbol of things that are built to last like your marriage. King Charles spent the night long ago while he still bore the title of Prince Charles. Be sure to pamper yourself with a couples’ massage before you stroll on the natural trails that are waiting for you. Visit local restaurants to discover Welsh delicacies. You’ll also be able to get a taste of culture and language that has a flavor all its own.

4. Enjoy an English Gem at Thornbury Castle


If you’re a history buff, Thornbury Castle is the place for you. You’ll carry on the tradition of spending your honeymoon within its walls. It’s where Anne Bolyn, mother of Queen Elizabeth I, and Henry VIII celebrated their nuptials hundreds of years ago. You can sleep in a four-poster bed while a fireplace crackles all night to keep you toasty. Stroll through the gardens with your morning cup of tea or as the sun sets. If you feel like exploring, public transportation makes taking in all that England and Scotland have to offer a breeze.

5. Live Like the French Do at Chateau de Mercues


Cahors, France boasts a beautiful castle in the middle of a vineyard. This is your opportunity to sample a wide variety of some of the most renowned wines found across the globe. The Chateau de Mercues has been standing guard since the 1200’s. You’ll be able to choose from more than one restaurant, including one in the romantic setting of the courtyard. Make sure you enjoy the local sights during your stay. If you feel like traveling during an extended stay, Paris is only about six hours away. You can hop on a train and be whisked away to walk the streets of one of the most romantic cities in the world.


Your honeymoon awaits you. Make it everything you could imagine and more. If you want to create an experience that is unlike anything you’ve ever done, consider a European castle for your hotel. Choose a location where you can stay the whole time or pick a place where you can visit all of the European destinations of your dreams. You’re going to need a long honeymoon if you want to get the most out of your castle getaway. This is your chance to live the fairytale.

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