4 Science-Based Benefits of Hatha Yoga Practice

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If you are interested in asanas and pranayama (yogic breathing), you might have also heard about hatha yoga. It is a very popular type of yoga because it is suitable for most individuals, beginners and experienced practitioners alike. 

This is a practice that focuses on breath and meditation during specific physical movements. The key convenience is, you can try it at home. That being said, the asanas or exercises should also be performed correctly under expert supervision. Hence, many prefer to join a class online. 

During a typical online hatha yoga training, the teacher will guide you to do the asanas (poses), and instruct you on how to take breaths in and out during the poses. They can modify the asanas according to the age, health goals and level of experience of the learners. 

Here are ten health benefits that you will likely experience if you’re thinking about getting started.

Reduces Stress: Yoga may be an ancient mind-body practice, but its benefits are evergreen. There are many stress-relieving poses that promote mental and physical relaxation. So, it helps you become less stressed and irritable. A 2020 study published in the Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine shows that hatha yoga exercises can help solve attention and stress problems in students. Another study reveals that hatha yoga practice can be used as a tool for caregivers and healthcare professionals to reduce the intense stress they suffer due to the nature of their work. Multiple studies show that this practice can be very useful in lowering stress and anxiety levels that are on the rise all over the world.

Manages Depression: Research shows that even a 2-month online Hatha yoga training can reduce symptoms of depression and improve mental health in adults. It has been found to produce a calming effect by increasing the levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a brain chemical responsible for a better mood.

Increases Flexibility and Balance: A growing number of studies over the last decades have shown that hatha yoga training may build better strength and flexibility. It also improves basic functions like respiration, blood pressure, heart rate and metabolic rate to improve overall health.

Builds Core strength: If the core (the central part) of your body is strong, you have better posture, stability and balance, making you less prone to back pain or injury. There are several core-strengthening poses that can enhance your core muscles. 

To kickstart a healthy lifestyle, learn hatha yoga online and start noticing the difference in the first week. Science has acknowledged its good effects on human physiology, anatomy, and psychology. 




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