5 types of Hotel rooms everyone should know about

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No matter how settled we feel in our everyday lifestyle in a particular city, we all have come across the dilemma of choosing the right hotel at least once in our lives. There are various factors people consider while selecting hotels like location, proximity to the airport etc. But where people falter the most is in choosing the fitting hotel room. Most people don’t even know the plethora of options available in this section. In hotels, rooms are divided into several categories and charged differently depending on the type of bed, the number of guests staying in the room, the number of beds, the design, any particular features or furniture, and these days even the room’s special theme. Check out the rooms available at Palace Station deals.

Here are the 5 major classification factors of hotel rooms everyone should know about.


This category is determined by the number of people that want accommodation in the same room. Pricing usually increases with the size of the room. Avail of huge discounts on your next trip using Palace Station discount coupons.

  • Single

It is a private room for one individual. one or more beds may be allowed. Single rooms typically range from 37 to 45 square metres in size.

  • Double

It is a  room designated for two people. May contain one or more beds. In general, double rooms range in size from 40 to 45 square metres.

  • Triple

It is a room that can house three people and is furnished with two double beds, two twin beds, or three twin beds. Triple Rooms typically range in size from 45 to 65 square metres.

  • Quadruple

It is a room reserved for four people. May have two or more beds. Typically, Quad Rooms range in size from 70 to 85 square metres.

The various kinds of beds

Beds determine a major portion of the room. For some people, beds are the sole reason for renting a room. They come in various sizes and specifications. Look at the wide variety of beds using Palace Station offers.

  • Queen

It is a room with a big bed. May have one or more occupants.  Queen rooms typically range in size from 32 to 50 square metres.

  • King

This is a room with a large bed. King-sized beds are usually a little wider than Queen sized beds.

  • Twin

It is a room that has two identical beds. May have one or more occupants. Twin rooms typically range in size from 32 to 40 square metres.

  • Hollywood Twin Room

It is a room with two twin beds connected by a common frame that can fit two people. Most of the low-cost hotels often provide a variety of these room configurations that may accommodate both couples and two-person parties.

  • Double-Double

Two double (or maybe queen) beds in one room. May have two twin, double, or queen-size beds that can sleep two to four people.  Double-double and Double Twin rooms typically range in size from 50 to 70  square metres.

  • Studio

It is a room having a couch that can be made into a bed, possibly with a third bed. Typically, Studio room types range in size from 25 to 40 square metres.

  • Bunk

A bunk bed is a style of bed in which two or more beds can fit into the area normally occupied by one bed by stacking one-bed frame on top of the other. This is a perfect choice if you want to be on a low-budget but still value your personal space.

Structured layouts and designs

These rooms are intended for high-paying clients who want the most well-designed and luxurious rooms for their stay. Get them at budget-friendly prices using Palace Station promo codes.

  • Presidential Suites

The most costly room a hotel offers. Typically, a hotel property will only have one president suite accessible. You must look at the presidential suite at the Palace Station sale. A president suite is similar to a regular suite in that it always has one or more bedrooms and a living area but places a greater emphasis on luxurious interior design, premium supplies and amenities, and custom services (e.g. personal butler during the stay). Presidential Suites typically have rooms that range in size from 80 to 350 square metres.

  • Disabled Rooms

In order to prevent discrimination, hotels are obligated by law to offer a specific number of accessible rooms, which are primarily designed for guests with disabilities. The accessible room types typically range in size from 30 to 42 square metres.

  • Villa

A unique type of lodging that is available at several resort hotels.  A completely furnished villa includes a private swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and balcony in addition to bedrooms and a living area. This sort of standalone home allows hotel guests more privacy and space. Families, big groups, and couples can all use it.


This might be helpful if you are going in a group and want rooms to be separate but connected. There are three majors ways that you do.

  • Connecting Rooms

These are rooms with linking doors between them and separate exterior entrance doors. Palace Station shopping features a variety of connecting rooms. On average, connecting rooms range in size from 30 to 50 square metres.

  • Adjoining Rooms

These are rooms without a door connecting them but have a shared wall.  Adjoining Room Types typically range in size from 30 to 45 square metres.

  • Adjacent Rooms

These rooms are nearby one another, possibly down a corridor. Adjacent Room Types typically range from 30 to 45 square metres in size.


These are hotels with specific amenities people prefer. Use Palace Station coupons to get exciting discounts on such rooms.

  • Extended stay Rooms

These accommodations are available in hotels and service flats that cater to long-term visitors. There are typically open kitchens, cooking appliances, dryers, washers, etc. in the room. Only once or twice every week do housekeeping services take place.  The typical serviced apartment room size or area ranges from 96  to 250 square metres.

  • Cabana

This kind of room either has a private pool attached to it or is always next to a pool. The space or room size of Cabana Room Types typically ranges from 30 to 45 square metres.

Besides these, there are various options you can ask for. Even personalised rooms are available at most hotels. There are beach-view rooms, balcony-view rooms, etc. Remember to ask the staff about the various services available there. Get exclusive benefits while renting rooms next time using Palace Station coupon codes.

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