3 Ways to Transform Your Wedding Day Into an Album

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The joyous celebration of tying the knot gives happy couples the opportunity to share their romantic love story with family and friends. Photographic evidence of the special occasion is traditionally displayed in a stylish and luxurious wedding album, to be viewed and enjoyed for many years to come.

How you choose to present your favourite photos has a big impact on future viewing enjoyment. With a little extra care and attention to detail, you can transform your keepsake collection of wedding day photographs into a fairytale event that loved ones will be delighted to browse time and time again.

Need some inspiration for your wedding photo album presentation? Check out our three fabulously transformative ideas…

  1. Less is More

Once the wedding and honeymoon are over, most newly wed couples discover that they have a mountain of photos to view and sort, before they can begin to curate a stunning keepsake collection of images to showcase their unforgettable special day.

To transform your wedding day into an album that is elegant, stylish and timeless, it’s essential to apply the ‘less is more’ rule. It’s best to resist the temptation of cramming every single snap that you have into a luxury wedding photo book. Take your time browsing and handpicking the very best images to feature on the pages of your love story album.

Don’t be afraid to be too picky when selecting the photos. Only high quality images and your favourite shots should pass the grade. Blurry and low-resolution images don’t belong in the wedding album that will be cherished and treasured forever.

To beautifully complement your favourite wedding photos, select extra shots that capture the atmosphere of the day, as well as snaps that draw the eye to the finer details of your nuptials ceremony and reception moments.

Reviewing your photos will help you match their landscape, portrait or square orientation with the perfect album. If you have a mix, go for the orientation that you like best.

  1. Create a Timeline

For your wedding album to be able to tell the story of your romantic love affair and happy-ever-after, it’s crucial that it includes a timeline. Your collection of striking images must be arranged into a chronological order, if you want the viewer to feel part of the event when they browse the photographs that you’v carefully chosen to display.

Organising your photos into groups – pre-wedding prep, arriving at the venue, the ceremony and the reception – will make light work of the task of ordering in a chronological manner.

To transform your wedding photo album into the best album, it needs to tell a story from beginning to end. While browsing the photos of who was there, and how it all happened, the browser will feel instantly transported to the joyous celebration. Snaps of the intricate and finer details of the bridal dress, wedding flowers and venue décor enhance the chronology of the day photos, and take the viewer on an emotional journey.

For maximum impact, each double page spread should feature 2-6 photos that relate to each other. Arrange your favourite snaps so that they naturally make your eyes move from right to left, and top to bottom. This sequence allows the viewer to get a feel of the action on your big day.

In your orderly arrangements you can also mix up the images by grouping together shots of family and friends, or by organising them based on romantic, sentimental or funny emotions.

The less is more rule is also highly effective, when creating the photo layout of your wedding photo book. The fewer photos that you have on display on each spread, the greater the visual impact and the more the images speak for themselves. For a professional photography display, take the photos all the way to the edge of the page. Allowing plenty of white space around your favourite images creates a feeling of intimacy and draws the viewer in.

If you’re providing additional information of your big day, in the form of text, keep it simple and minimal. Cluttering the pages with too many photos, or comments and captions that are overly wordy will make your arrangement look messy. To transform your photographic love story into a timeless display, keep photos aligned straight on the page with even spacing, and avoid adding any fussy design embellishments.

  1. Choose a Wow Factor Cover

To ensure that your wedding photo book is picked up and enjoyed often, it’s vital that it shows off a wow factor cover. Beautiful and luxurious, bespoke albums are available with hardback or soft covers, or swathed in tactile fabric in the colour of your choice.

To transform your wedding day collection of your photographs, decorate the cover with your favourite stunning snap that introduces your love story. This powerful and evocative image sets the tone of the entire wedding photo book from the first glance. It’s therefore wise to choose an outstanding image that makes you smile every time that you see it.

You can keep it classy by featuring a spectacular romantic portrait of the happy couple on the cover of your elegant wedding album. Or opt for a more modern and minimalistic approach that shows off two names that are complemented with a stunning but simple shot of a gorgeous floral bouquet or a pair of wedding rings.


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