3 Steps to Keep in Mind While Order Burger Packaging

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Always select durable material for burger packaging.

The food items like burgers always need durable packaging, which provides them with complete protection. And resist environmental factors like air, microbes and UV rays, etc. Because such factors badly affect their taste quality and freshness. We use 100% pure kraft and cardboard boxes for burger packaging boxes. These materials boxes are durable and perforation free. And insolates environmental factors from entering the box. Due to their durability, the burgers remain warm for a long. And dispatched warmly to the buyers.

Do lamination for moisture-free packaging.

The hot steam and sauces moisture makes the box soggy. Even cardboard boxes resist moisture. Still, we do lamination to provide an extra layer of protection on the custom burger box. Also, provide you with 100% moisture-free packaging. We have many lamination options, but customers mainly demand gloss lamination.  It is applied in a thin sheet of foam to the cardboard material. It gives a moisture-free surface and protects it from smudges, dirt, and scratches.

Further gloss lamination increases the color or design vibrancy due to shiny glare. The buyer feels smooth when he holds the custom burger box in hand. But remember one thing the gloss lamination is not eco-friendly. When you apply it on eco-friendly cardboard material boxes, it is 100% non-recyclable.

Lamination-free kraft material boxes

You don’t need to do lamination on kraft boxes because these boxes are already durable enough. But when you choose kraft boxes for food items packaging, we do food-grade lamination on the inner and outside of the box. The food-grade lamination makes the custom box non-harmful to direct interaction with the food item.

Custom wax or baking wraps to cover the whole burger.

Even you use toothpicks to keep the burger on track and prevent it from spreading. But more is needed to provide a grease-free inner surface. Liquid sauces like mustard, mayonnaise, chili sauce, ketchup, etc., can easily spill out from the sides. You get a greasy feeling that destroys your whole burger grace. And the customer’s entire hands get dirty when he holds the burger in his hands. To solve that issue, keep custom wraps, which hold the whole burger and prevent sauce leakage. Here are two options for you.

Option 1 (custom wax paper for burger covering)

The custom wax papers does not stick with the burger bun. Because these wraps have wax on them, which makes them non-sticky. These are convenient for burger wraps, but you can’t use these wraps to warm burgers in the oven. It’s because these wraps are not heat resistant. If you keep these wraps in the range, they will be burned, and the burger taste can be affected.

Option 2(custom baking paper for burger covering)

Custom baking paper is highly recommended for burger wrapping. It is highly heat resistant. You can use these wraps to keep in the oven. More it is

Highly used in cooking

  • Water-resistant
  • Non-sticky
  • Flexible
  • Economical
  • Environment friendly
  • Durable and printable

Get elegant designs for custom burger boxes

Do you want to make a difference in custom burger packaging? Choose an elegant design from our outstanding design format. A high packaging designing expert team designs it. If you need clarification about color combos or selecting design, freely ask them. They will give you timely advice because they have been in the packaging industry for a long time. And aware of which procedure is perfect for which product.

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